This Fitness Trainer Was Hospitalized For His Addiction With PubG


Gaming is fun. Controlling people from your thumbs in a world of fantasy feels amazing no? But the excess of everything is bad.

Ever since PUBG introduced its world to the people, we have yet another excuse to spend hours into getting that infamous chicken dinner. Not only kids but the adults have been spending a lot of time playing the game.

Reportedly, this addiction brought a heavy price for a few people including a fitness trainer (name not disclosed) who belongs to Jammu & Kashmir. Surprisingly, this is the sixth such case as per the hospital sources.

As per reliable sources, the trainer got addicted to playing PUBG online just ten days ago. He was admitted to the hospital when after completing one of the rounds, he started hitting himself with blows and was badly injured.

His neurologist said,

“The patient is unstable at the moment and has partially lost his mental balance. He is recognizing people but is still not conscious and his mind is completely under the influence of the game,”

While the locals are appealing the Governor of J&K to completely ban the game, China has already done that.

China’s Online Gaming Ethics Review Committee last year in December reviewed 20 games for containing “ethics risk” and nine of these games have been reportedly banned including “Fortnite” and “PUBG”.