This “Friend-Zoned” Usman Represents Majority Of The Pakistani Boys & People Can’t Seem To Handle It!


Social media has a peculiar power to make you a sensation overnight in the least expected ways. Little did “Usman” knew that he would wake up and see himself being subject to an ultimate meme saga and trolling just over harmless tweet his friend shared to show her appreciation over his selfless deed.

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Komal Shahid a twitter user posted a tweet showing her admiration for her friend Usman, who brought her snacks in the middle of the night.

She also recommended people to have a friend like Usman in their lives along with the tempting snacks her friend bought for her including chocolates, cakes, and cookies.

And this was the moment that sparked it.

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As soon as it went online, the twitterati lost it and started poking fun at the apparently “friend-zoned” Usman and his “dark” situation. In no time #Usman started trending on twitter.


Some stated how the story has overshadowed all others, including the highly appreciated coke studio redention of “Wohi Khuda hai”

Expectations vs. Reality.

Hilariously, people started using the trend for marketing.

The surge of priceless memes followed.

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Such strong was the rush of trolling, that Komal the initiator, had to protect her tweets and went all private on Twitter.

Some people are feeling bad for Komal though.

The number of tweets has now reached over 18,000 in one night!!! 

One thing is however certain, friends like Usman are invaluable and sure a keeper. Watch out for Usmans in your lives ladies and keep them strongly guarded.


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