From LUMS to LUMSU, Here Are The Most Savage Memes On The Immediate Name Change!


LUMS is considered as one of the finest educational institutions in Pakistan. Although it has been recurrently labeled as consortium for elitists, one cannot deny that the university has managed to produce the highest quality of educational standards since its inception.

But LUMS has landed itself in a weird yet comical controversy now. The Vice-Chancellor of the institute announced an email to the whole community that LUMS was changing its name to LUMS University i.e. LUMSU.

The management tried to justify the change by pressing upon the fact that the LUMS is no more just a school for management sciences but has evolved as a university with diverse programs for undergrads and graduate students.

However, the development wasn’t really accepted well by the people and of course the jokes came flying in.

People couldn’t stop rhyming the weird “LUMSU” with other nicks we commonly use.

These ones are HILARIOUS af.

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How can we not troll neighbors when the meme game is so high?

This guy thinks its all about KARMA.

With this confusing name upgrade, many people are doubtful about the university’s logical bone, but it surely gave us all a good laugh.

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