Government’s 100 Day Performance Ad Is Being Trolled By It’s Own Supporters


Imran Khan’s government has faced many controversies since the first day it held office. People have been waiting curiously to see the ‘Naya Pakistan’ that the PTI government promised to bring forth.

These 100 days have been very difficult for PTI. From constant criticism to a very troublesome opposition, they have somehow successfully completed their ‘bittersweet’ 100 day period.

In order to celebrate the completion of their first 100 days, the government sent out an advertisement in print media, highlighting their achievements made during this time.


Despite the effort, these advertisements weren’t very convincing for the public. People are recklessly criticising this initiative taken by the government, even some of their own supporters!

While some people think its a great idea to display their successes in order to spread positivity and a feeling of achievement for the nation, others view it as sheer waste of the tax payers’ money!

As some point out the flaws and failures displayed by the government, others just enjoy counting the number of times they took a sharp U-turn!

Questions have also been raised on the existence of ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Ironically, PTI when in opposition, crticised PML-N for similar advertisements and misuse of taxes.

According the Radio Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan is set to make some important announcements in a ceremony to be held in Islamabad to mark the completion of their first 100 days in office.

While the opposition is highly convinced that these 100 days have been unimpressive and  full of U-turns, the government doesn’t think so. The government takes great pride in boasting about the developments made during this time.

Some however, do think that this was indeed a great initiative and the number of developments made during these days are remarkable and all worth it!

Even though it’s not a great idea to spend such a huge amount on such publications; it is still very important to highlight the developments taking place in order to gain trust and support from the public. Transparency and awareness are two very important things that need to be established between the people and their government!