Tweeps Are Having A Field Day Over Governor Imran Ismail’s Tweet In ‘Flowery English’


English is known to be a universal language. No matter how much you are fluent in your national language, it won’t score you any good until and unless you know your English. Hence children across the world are not only taught their national prime language but also they are taught English as well.

Proclaiming yourself Governor of a nation means that not only must you master your provincial and national language but also you must know the delicacy of English since you’d be needing it a lot more than you may imagine.

Our Dear Governor Imran Ismail (Chancellor of all the universities of Sindh) has shocked the nation by his Flowery English.

Dear Goodness… What is our Governor even writing about? Oh, Dearie!!!!

Here is how Pakistani Tweeps are having a field day over Governor Imran Ismail Tweet:

Even #NayaPakistan wouldn’t want this man on his land.
Well, he likes to do stuff that makes people gossip about him!
Apparently, Urdu doesn’t seem like a language to him
Bitter Irony.
They would’ve pleaded for mercy.
Buhat achee ayee hai tabdeli aye hai karo yaar! F.A. paas hai woh.