Graphic Video: Transgender Burnt Alive After Resisting Rape Attempt In Sahiwal


Transgender Burnt Alive After Resisting Rape Attempt In Sahiwal

In a horrifying video circulating social media, a transgender was burnt alive by unidentified people at a cab stand at Mall Mandi Chowk in Sahiwal on Thursday.

Warning: The following video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

According to news reports, four men took the transgender to a deserted place and attempted to rape her. When she resisted, she was doused in petrol before being set on fire. She was shifted to the Sahiwal DHQ Hospital to be referred to Lahore. She suffered 80% burn injuries and died on the way to a hospital in Lahore. After her death, there were no claimants of her body. Investigation Officer Jaffar Husain told a local media outlet that the police under section 74 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) handed over the body to the municipality staff which buried the body.

The Fateh Sher police have not yet registered a case of the incident.

Last May, Pakistan’s Parliament passed a law guaranteeing basic rights to transgender citizens and outlawing discrimination by both employers and private business owners.

There have been no comments from the government so far. Federal Minister of Human Rights Shireen Mazari has so far remained silent as well

Justice delayed is justice denied. The government needs to act now.



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