Guest Post: Sidra shares her experience attending the 6th Hum TV Awards


If you want a personal take on the HUM TV Awards from someone who attended the event, we have you covered!

Meet our guest blogger, Sidra, who was present at the Awards and got to interact with the stars and take some spectacular pictures and videos for us.

Sidra is a Pakistani Canadian living in Toronto with her husband and two sons. She’s not only a photographer and influencer but also owns her own business called Sidra and Co.

Here’s her insight on the Awards.

Hey guys!

This past weekend was the 6th HUM Awards and for the first time they were held internationally, in Toronto, Canada! I am a huge fan of Pakistani television and was super excited when the awards were announced to be held in my home city!

First of all, the stars looked absolutely amazing – from the men in well fitted suits and sherwanis, to the women in beautiful gowns, dresses and saris! It was a treat for all the Pakistani movie and television fans to have the stars come to their city. As each star arrived, the noise level in the crowd got higher! It was madness when Hamza Ali Abasi and Hamayun Saeed stepped out together! The fans went crazy when Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir arrived.  Ahad of course grew up in Calgary, so he has a huge fan following in Canada. But everyone went wild when Mahira Khan arrived – she literally got mobbed even in the exclusive area so you can definitely tell how loved she is! All the stars were down to earth, approachable and spent a fair amount of time with the fans, taking selfies and signing autographs.

It was also very clear how much it meant to the stars to be able to represent their country on an international platform. In recent years, the Pakistani film and television industry has grown leaps and bounds, and holding their first international award ceremony was yet another achievement. From my conversations with the stars to the speeches on stage, the love for Pakistan, the pride in their art, and the desire to continue to grow was obvious.

The show itself was spectacular. I especially loved the national anthems, the performance by the Parwaaz Hai Junoon team, Mahira Khan’s dancing, Bushra Ansari’s comedy and the moment when Hamza Ali Abasi said “Naya Pakistan Mubarak Ho” and the crowd went wild!

I put together a small video highlighting just some of my favorite memories from the event. You can watch it at my blog, Sidra & Co.

Hope you enjoy it!

Much Love,


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