Hareem Shah Accuses Sheikh Rasheed For Sending His ‘Nangi’ Video & People Have Lots To Say!!


We all know Hareem Shah by now. Some might know her as one of the TikTok “stars” but her infamous stroll inside the foreign office and rendezvous with high profile personalities have earned her considerable prominence amongst all and sundry.

This time round Hareem Shah has dragged Railway Minister Shiekh Rasheed into the hot waters as well.

Hareem Shah on Thursday shared footage of an alleged video call with Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid in which she accuses him of sending her ‘indecent’ videos. Have a look.

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Hareem is seen calling “Sheeda Talli” and there he appears on the screen.  Hareem can be seen talking to the federal minister on a video call, saying:

”Listen to me have I ever revealed anything of yours till now? Then why don’t you talk to me anymore?”

“Do whatever you want, Allah maalik hai”, Shiekh Sahab responded to her.

Hareem Shah later posted a video and stated that she never meant to defame anyone by her post.

But of course, the damage had been done. Pakistanis being very vigilant in thrashing out on issues like these didn’t seem to forget it. #Hareemshah soon became the top trend in the country on Twitter with users engaging in an intense debate over the incident.


The meme-game that followed this allegation, was pure gold!!

This girl gave voice to everyone’s pursuit in this scenario.

This is not the first time the pair have come under the media spotlight as earlier this year a selfie of them together went viral. Despite all the havoc the story caused, one thing is certain, the girl surely knows how to stay in the news.

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