Hareem Shah Turned PM Office In A TikToK Studio & We Dont Know WTF Is Happening!!


The notorious app of TikTok has been into hot waters for being so overwhelmingly enticing for the young generation and swaying them away from the moralistic values. A petition was filed in high courts for banning the App permanently branding it for promoting vulgarity harassment and an unproductive usage of time. However one cannot shy away from the fact that this lip-syncing app has provided a platform to the hidden flairs amongst its users and given them an opportunity to reach out the world with their aptness. Currently we have many TikTok stars with millions of followers and with considerable influence over them.

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Hareem Shah, a famous Tiktok star from Peshawar just broke the internet with her TikTok video straight out of PM secretariat. In the TikTok video that Hareem posted, she is walking around a conference room with songs playing in the background, till she pulls up a chair and sits down.

Fans are utterly bewildered over the video and all of them are asking the same question. How did she even end up there?


There were many who blamed officials within the government responsible for such a breach of decorum and of course the security.

However many did try to calm things down calling it a norm for citizens to visit government buildings.

This guy has some major CID instincts.

Meanwhile, Focal Person to the PM, Dr Arslan Khalid, has also rubbished the claims.

However, Previously Hareem Shah told a private media outlet that she’s a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) affiliate and that’s how she makes videos with party leaders. That was her explanation of how she gets access to people with such a high profile security detail.

She was also seen earlier with PTI leader and former Punjab information minister Fayyazul Hasan Chohan in a viral video.


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