Hareem Shah’s Father Breaks Silence On Her Notoriety And Its Heartbreaking!!


Hareem Shah is no clandestine anymore.

Famous for her controversial conduct and getting cozy with high profile celebrities have earned her widespread popularity. Recently her video with Railways Minister Shiekh Rasheed incited a frenzy over social media, making her a top trend in a jiffy.

Now the TikTok star’s father has spoken up about all the commotion his daughter has led to. Hareem Shah’s father broke into tears while seeking an apology from those who were offended and faced embarrassment due to her daughter’s controversial videos doing rounds on social media involving high-profile personalities.

“I think whatever is happening to me and my family is a result of how I once wronged my father and hurt his feelings. I do not care about my own self but my ancestors’ reputation is on the line,” Zarrar said in a grief-stricken statement.

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He also revealed that Hareem was once a student of “Al-Huda”; a well-reputed institute for Islamic education, and also that she had completed her “Alma” (Islamic Scholar) course with flying colors.

The mournful father went on to say that he is very concerned about the national security of the country, claiming that the controversial videos had put the integrity of the nation at stake.

After the video went viral, Hareem took to Twitter and asked the media not to involve her family in this fuss and also not to reveal her personal information.

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