Here Is How Careem & It’s Captains Are Scamming Pakistanis & It’s Time To Investigate!


Ever booked a Careem?

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I’m sure we all have since it’s super convenient and cheap.

Umm, probably not that cheap anymore…

Careem cab service was introduced in Pakistan a few years ago and the idea behind the project basically was to provide comfy and cheap transport easily at your doorstep without going through the hassle of using public transports. All you need is a smartphone!

However, Pakistanis are SO GOOD at inventing new ways to use things for their advantage, through wrong means. The same is happening with most of the people using Careem these days.

Seems like Careem and it’s captains have devised a new secret strategy to mint money by scamming people.

This is what has happened with so many people recently.

This guy traveled from DHA to Liberty in Lahore. If you have ever taken a Careem in the ‘good old days’ you would know that the fare is usually Rs 200-350 rupees considering the peak factors too. So this driver charged him Rs 1037. The customer paid obviously. And after a few days Rs. 851 were returned to the customer in his wallet.


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In another instance, another customer was charged Rs. 1200 for a ride that usually costed him around Rs. 600. The customer paid and after a few days remaining Rs. 534 was returned to the wallet.


Now this one is the most serious one. This customer took a Careem from Islamabad to Rawalpindi, traveled 39 km in 7 hours.

7 HOURS!!!! I mean seriously?

You don’t believe me right? Look at this.

The customer lost his mind after finding out the total fare and paid what he usually pays for the same distance. His account remained Rs -1945/ for three days. After he lodged a complaint, it went zero.

After a little research, we found out that there is a long list of the people who have experienced the same thing with Careem.

The question arises that is this Careem’s own secret idea of minting money or its the captains who have been scamming the company as well as the poor customers.

Whatever it is, this needs to be investigated!