Here’s How You Can Safeguard Yourself From Latest Bank Hacking According To Director FIA


In a shocking revelation, the head of the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime wing has said data from “almost all” Pakistani banks was stolen in a recent security breach.

This incident has raised a huge question mark on the whole banking system of Pakistan.

Nadeem Malik (Well-known anchorperson) called in Muhammad Shoaib (Director of FIA) in his show Nadeem Malik Live to discuss the recent incident of Pakistani ATM and bank accounts being hacked.

Nadeem was told by Muhammad Shoaib that according to the reports there isn’t a surety of how many bank accounts were hacked into but the numbers are in thousands. Woah! The origin of the hacker can’t be identified since it could be a Pakistani or someone else sitting in the other corner of the world according to Muhammad Shoaib.

Others matters which were also discussed in the talk show are seen down below.

How money is withdrawn from Accounts:

  • The first method is by logging into the transfer system of the Bank.
  • From the help of a skimming device. The device is known to extract data from banks and helps you withdraw money or even transfer the existing data to another card. After the transfer process, one can easily withdraw money from any other city/machine of one’s liking.

Preventive measures for the Public and Pakistani account holders in order to safeguard themselves from any unfortunate event:

  • If you get a call from any person (claiming to be the representative of the bank) asking for your personal details, bank account details or even your pin-code, under no circumstance must you hand out any kind of answer that could help trace the Hacker to your information
  • Those who are using credit cards must always link their account number to their phone number so you may get notified on every transaction. If you aren’t transacting any kind of money or withdrawing cash and still being notified that you are, you must immediately call your bank and ask them to freeze your account at once.

Everyone, please be careful. Even the banks in Pakistan are not safe anymore.