Here’s What Went Down Behind The Killing Of Pakistani YouTuber Rana Zuhair


Pranking random people and making funny videos of them has been a trend in Pakistan for a few years. It has been popular among the Pakistani Youtubers for quite some time.

Teasing people is funny. But there are some limitations. Although most YouTubers opt for harmless pranks with minimal risk involved, however, there have been reports of some pranks ending in ugly scenarios.

For instance, this prank done by the famous Dumb Pranks had high chances of going wrong. Honestly, if it was done with me I would have had a heart attack.

Guys, it’s not funny! The firecracker could have injured the person since they are placing it so close. Sensitive people could literally have a heartattack thinking that they are being shot or that there has been a bomb blast. I mean ANYTHING could happen in such pranks.

So the thing is kay mazak utna he karo jo bardash ho sakay.

Similarly, another Pakistani youtuber gave up his life while playing a prank recently. Rana Zuhair, who ran the channel Lahori Vines, was shot while he was filming a prank with the help of two of his friends.

According to reports, he was making a “Ghost Prank” along with his friends Abdul Saboor and Hasnat Ali. They were scaring the shit out of people wearing a white sheet over their heads and disguising as a ghost. The prank went sideways and someone with a sensitive heart shot at Zuhair that resulted in his death.

Pakistanis have been raising questions on prank trend after this tragic incident.

People are questioning the trendsetters of such pranks.

While some believe that killing is not justified what so ever!

Some people are questioning the availability of weapons to every other person.

May Allah rest his soul in peace. This is indeed a lesson for all of us. Please aisa mazak un kay sath karein jo bardash kar sakein. These ideas can turn out to be fatal at times.

What do you have to say about this trend of playing pranks?