How To Get the Most Out of Your Wardrobe This Shaadi Season


‘Tis the season of love and holy matrimonies, and subsequently a swarming load of wedding invitations. Weddings come with their own perks- food, dancing, getting dolled up for your Instagram- but taking a moment to wonder if you have enough clothes for all the events will make you panic.

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No need to fret because this is your ultimate guide on how to make the best of what you have, without breaking your bank.  

1. Dump the Clump 

Not as contradictory as it sounds, trust me. In order to find the best pieces holed up in your wardrobe, you need to take a day out and try out all the potentials. You’ll find plenty of pieces with missing buttons, broken zippers or outdated kaam, and that’s your cue to fix them. Whereas, the ones that you no longer want near you (we’ve all had terrible fashion tastes, it’s okay), toss them out. That is, to charity or to a relative that needs them. The point is to clear out space and have all that you need in easy access.

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2. Find Your Essential Pieces 

Whether it’s a statement dupatta, an embroidered jacket, or even a sexy pair of stilettos, sought it out and keep them organised. You never know what might come in handy when you’re on the run to a last-minute dholki, or even on the big day.

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3. Raid Your Mom’s Closet 

We never know what kind of hidden gems our mothers have in their closets. It is literally like entering another level of Narnia. You’re in luck if you’re the same size but if not, grab all the statement pieces you can find to pair them up with your favourites and there you have it, your very own vintage ensemble!

4. Mix it Up

If you’ve followed steps 2 and 3 diligently, this is where you can take it up a notch. Quite often we have outfits that are now outdated but we would still like to hold on to, and now’s your time to put your creative guns to test. Make your own fusion of different prints and textures, like a pair of pants with different shirts, or one common dupatta with all of your outfits. Don’t be scared of experiments, fusion is all the rage now.

5. When in Doubt, GO PRET!

Don’t have good enough formal wear? No worries, it’s time to take your casual wear to the next level. With the right kind of accessories and plenty of confidence, you can flaunt your basic pret pieces just as good as designer wear. Try Generation and Khaadi for yourself, just don’t forget your killer heels and a megawatt smile!

Have some more of your own tried-and-tested tips? Let us know in the comments!