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Hum Masroof Thay – Meme Brigade Is Back At It Again & This Time It’s Getting Out Of Hand!


Meme brigade is back at it again!

Ever since they have formed the government, PTI has been busy entertaining the public. Every day a new opportunity is served to the meme brigade on a hot plate. Honestly, we do not need comedy shows or cartoons anymore. Our present government is enough to entertain. Isn’t it?

This time it’s the PTI’s 100 Day Performance ad that was published in all the newspapers of the country upon completion of PTI’s 100 golden days. Kiya kuch bhi nahin aur ads aisay kay poori duniya fatah kar li ho.

This is what it originally looked like.

PTI’s own followers and supporters couldn’t stop themselves from criticizing the ad.

Not just the criticism. The tagline ‘Hum Masroof Thay’ turned into a national meme within a few hours. People all over the social media are absolutely in love with the idea of turning into a meme.

Now everyone is posting his own version of ‘Hum Masroof Thay’ and it so damn hilarious! They are actually trying to correct the government by telling them kay aap actually kahan masroof thay.


The Internet is literally on fire with Hum Masroof Thay memes!

This guy actually used the original newspaper to explain Hum Kahan Masroof thay lol.

This explains it all!

And this one is the BEST so far!

Comment karein aur batayen aap kahan masroof thay?