Iffat Omer Lashed Out At Imran Khan & People Are In A Blue Funk About It!!


The entertainment industry fraternity has been very proactive in political affairs in recent times. Many celebrities exercised their right to vote in the 2018 elections; to put their share in setting the country on the right track.

They shared their inky thumbs to encourage people to go out and vote for a better future.

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However, some stars are much more critical of the polity of the country and do not shy away from criticizing the statesmen.

In a recent viral video from a show, Iffat Omer lashed out at PM Imran Khan in quite some sardonic manner.

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She labeled him as the most stupid politician and castigated him for being selected. Her appreciation for PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto in the video was also very evident.

Obviously this didn’t go down well with the people and they briskly reciprocated with their nit-picking.

Some people pointed out that this show is aired from a channel by Najam Sethi hence the outburst is quite understandable.

A few found out the exact dilemma behind with Iffat Omer’s miff.

Despite all the displeasure caused amongst the PTI supporters, one thing is certain that everyone has the freedom to express their views and is entitled to their opinion. However, being a celebrity of such stature, one should remain careful with the choice of words during an argument. Being disrespectful and offensive doesn’t really serve the purpose of constructive criticism. Unless you have other agendas on the mind.

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