Indian Army Claims Spotting A Monster In The North & People Can’t Stop Mocking Them


IHQ of Indian Army has tweeted from it’s official account that one of its expedition in Nepal has spotted the footprints of the mythical monstrous ape called Yeti or Big Foot, mentioned in pre-buddhist folk stories.

In order to prove their point, Indian Army released the images of the foot prints of YETI.

Source: @adgpi / Twitter
Source: @adgpi / Twitter
Source: @adgpi / Twitter

As soon as the images were tweeted, Indians started mocking their own Army.

Image result for bigfoot gif

OMG!!! 😀 😀


Somebody tried talking sense but in vein.

People are remembering Wun-Wun from Game of Thrones.

They are criticizing their army.

And the jokes are unlimited!

Do you believe this could be an actual Big Foot? Let us know!