An Ex Indian Army General Urging To R*PE Muslim Women in Kashmir In A Live TV Show Is Sick!


We are all aware of the Indian atrocities in Kashmir for decades. Matters got dreadful when India revoked article 370, plucking away its special status as a disputed territory and illegally declaring it a part of India. Since then the people in Kashmir are under constant curfew, deprived of all the basic facilities and human rights.

To add to their misery, maniacs like this former Indian Army General crack out every now and then with their inhumane ideas to vandalize the people living in Kashmir. According to this frantic man, Indian people should rape Muslim women in Kashmir in order to avenge them. He made this statement in a live TV show.

The remark caused quite an uproar amongst the panelists present in the show while the anchor is seen objecting to it too. While some people from the audience were apparently supporting the whole idea of “rape for rape”.

The General named General SP Sinha, who is now a member of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (YES! MODI’s PARTY IT IS), is known for his fascist mindset like his leader Narendra Modi.

He has been accused of historically using rape as a strategy.

In 1991, the then Brigadier Sinha assembled Sikh villagers in a locality, calling for ‘creating a new breed for Punjab’ when the Indian military was crushing the Sikh movement in Punjab.

People from all over the world including India are voicing their disapproval of such a brutal statement.

Some people pointed out that Sinha’s remarks are being manifested already by the Indian army which is known for using rape as a war strategy.

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Then there were those incurables who find justifications and refuse to blame the sickening mentality.

India has previously been rated as the world’s most dangerous country for women over several factors including sexual violence. This included rape as a weapon of war; domestic rape; rape by a stranger; the lack of access to justice in rape cases; sexual harassment and coercion into sex as a form of corruption. Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India and has been globally discussed at various forums. It’s a shame that despite asserting itself as a secular, tolerant and democratic state, people such as Sinha are holding important offices and might have a say in policymaking as well. We hope that adequate measures are taken to curb such a mentality to make this world a safer place for women all over the world.


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