Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry Trying Tabdeeli Through Google!


They say don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry disagrees, apparently.

For him, if he saw it on Google, it’s true.

Forget authenticity or double checking. Or using your brain, maybe?

Information Minister Fawad claimed that he used Google to calculate the expense of Imran Khan’s helicopter travel.

Notably, he was being heavily trolled over social media for defending Imran Khan’s use of helicopter. He said its much cheaper than cars as it just costs Rs. 50-55 per kilometer.

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We can see that the country is going places when our very own information minister uses Google as his source of information. How wonderful.

Users were quick to note this.

One user tweeted this hilarious picture. We can safely assume that this was what Fawad Chaudhry typed into the search bar.

Another user tweeted this picture, showing an edited screenshot from Uber, the taxi app. The app shows a ride option with a helicopter. The caption of the ride says: Only available for the Prime Minister.

People wondered how anyone can defend this:

PTI supporters can defend a lot of unintelligent moves made by the incumbent government since they came into power but no one – not even PTI supporters blinded by love for Imran Khan – can defend this.

What do you think of the information minister’s blunder?

How much do you rely on Google to make important Governmental decisions?