From Bonded Labor To Senate & 100 Most Influential Women – This Is The Inspirational Story Of Krishna Kumari


Pakistan’s Krishna Kumari Kohli is the first Hindu Dalit woman and Senate member to be named inĀ BBC list of 100 most Influential and Inspiring Women from all around the world.

Krishna Kumari also known as Kishoo Bai was born in 1979 and is based in Nagarparker Village, Thar, Sindh. She was a bonded labour along with her family for over 3 years!

Freeing herself from the bonds of slavery, she completed her Postgraduate Degree in Sociology. She is now a Human Rights Activist working towards Women’s rights, Labour and Sexual harassment.

Bravery runs in family as Kumari’s ancestors fought against the British Raj in the pre-partition era.

Krishna Kumari is an exemplary example of bravery and determinance. She shares the BBC list with some of the most inspiring women from all around the world and is a great motivation for women in Pakistan to strive hard towards their goals and to never give up, despite any societal and religious pressures that they might face!

Pakistanis are ecstatic to see her share the list with top personalities from around the world like Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hilary Clinton for her work with the Clinton Foundation for a Syrian refugee who escaped the war-torn area.

More power to Krishna Kumari for being a guiding light for all Pakistanis and for making them realize that they can do anything that they passionately work towards!