Instagram Removes “Following Tab” & People Are Not Sure What To Do With Their Lives Anymore!


If you haven’t heard already, Instagram has disabled its ‘following’ activity tab. It was the feature that helped us to keep a check on what others are liking.

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However, this update was not welcomed by most of the people.

Stalkers don’t know what to do with their lives anymore.

Unfortunately, now you can’t stalk your crushes. Apparently, you cannot see the activities of people who you follow either that was literally half the point of Instagram.

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However, that move by Instagram is obviously going to save some relationships when you won’t be able to see who has liked whose photos from 2016.

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Not just that but people used to discover many new pages and accounts. I mean that is Insta culture man!

And what about getting to know about your crush’s likes and dislikes? 

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What do you feel about this new Instagram update? Let us know.


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