Iqra Aziz’s Elder Sister Schools Both Yasir & Iqra Over Transgender Statement Aur Maza Agya!


Recently, Yasir Hussain shared his pictures on Instagram in which he was dressed up as a transgender character for his upcoming role.


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He received quite a bit of backlash due to a comment he answered on one of his photos. Someone in that comment asked, “Why don’t you guys hire actual transgenders?”, to which Yasir replied, “Matlab aap ko job chahiye?”. 

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Well, it didn’t went well and everyone started criticizing Yasir saying ‘if he can play a transgender role, why is he still making trans phobic jokes?’

Iqra Aziz, being in an open relationship with Yasir, came to his rescue.

Things didn’t just stop there. Yasir had to apologize about his lame joke about trans community after a huge backlash on social media.


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I just wanted to clear the misconceptions that some people have about my recent role. The images that you have seen over social media of me wearing a Saree are for a project in which I am playing the role of my mother. I am not playing the role of a transgender and by no means do I ever want to disrespect a gender that I have immense regard for. Once the show is out you will be able to understand the character better and will know that my role has nothing to do with humiliating or mocking anyone. We as public figures receive a lot of retaliation/negative comments and just because I chose to reply to a comment with a joke does not in any way mean that I have no respect for a certain gender. Other negative comments that we receive are never made a controversy out of so this also shouldn’t be. It is just a character intended for humour and nothing else. Hope this clears the doubts that some people have. #yasirhussain #durdana #respectforallgenders

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That’s still not it, Iqra’s elder sister, Sidra Aziz went onto school both the actors for making such hurtful comments.

Taking to Twitter, Sidra said that she will “try her best to teach her younger sister to think better, do better by society.” And we can’t disagree with her.

Lets just hope bari behen teaches both Yasir AND Iqra a little insaniyat?