Irfan Junejo Took A Jab At Mangobaaz And Kia Keh Rahay Hou Larkay

Irfan Junejo
  • To SNCZ kuch aisay hai k Irfan Junejo is literally not coming slow.
    Pakistani Youtube sensation has not only been an inspiration to millions but have also opened gates for YouTube in Pakistan. Junejo’s unique style and hard work have gained many’s attention making him one of the most recognized celebrity.


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Junejo’s passion and dedication towards vlogging, videography, and cinematography pushed him to produce high-quality content for his fans.

Starting from scratch Irfan has reached 500k subscribers and more than million views on YouTube.

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Recently Irfan Bhai on his Instagram enlightened his experience with Mangobaaz since the start of his YouTube journey. He narrated that when he crossed about 5k subscribers, he tried to approach Mangobaaz for an interview which was acknowledged by the Mangobaaz team. Kya yaar Irfan Bhai nay Langkawi beach ka sunset chor kar 2-3 ka interview dia but aaj tak wo publish nahi hua.

But what no one knew was that Irfan Bhai was not coming slow and in a couple of years he gained so much popularity and fame k ab sab unkay peechay bhagtay hai.

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Mangobaaz started publishing articles regarding Junejo on a regular basis to somehow highlight the growing sensation.
Mangobaaz invited Junejo bhai to a podcast but Nah gee Nah Irfan bhai nahi aaigai. Irfan bhai expressed his views in his recent Instagram story that Mangobaaz never uploaded his Interview for months when he was not as famous but ab jab Irfan Bhai stole the spotlight, why should he do something that has no gain for him? Jee han kyu?

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The beauty of Irfan Bhai’s content is that every desi individual can relate and learn more from Junejo’s life and his experiences. Irfan Junejo has successfully worked his way solely to the praisable position he stands on today. To bhai Mangobaaz walay logo aisay to na karo yaar. Here you go enjoy the STORY TIME yourself:


Choti si to khuahish thi ☹️

MashAllah kya grow kiya! 


Sahiba why you do this?



Jaan chad do ab!


Ye to ziadti hai yaar…

Qalam saazi? NOT COMING SLOW.


Last year Irfan Bhai’s content was also a victim of theft. Read about it here.

Irfan Junejo’s latest video is the true definition of nostalgia:

What are your thought on Junejo’s views over Mangobaaz, express them in the comments section below:

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