Is Meera Jee a better actress “then” Priyanka Chopra?


We’ve always admired Meera Jee’s confidence.

According to news sources, Priyanka Chopra is set to star in a Hollywood film alongside Chris Pratt. The film is titled Cowboy Ninja Viking.

Meera Jee was not happy about it.

She took to twitter to claim that she is a better actress than Priyanka Chopra.

I m better actress then #PriyankaChopra #universalstudios #Hollywood please consider me

Twitter was quick to react.

Everyone admired her confidence.

Some were just concerned about her spellings:

Some agreed with her:

Others were sarcastic:

But haters weren’t going to stop Meera Jee.
14 hours after her first tweet, she tweeted again. This time, she encouraged her followers to tweet @UniversalPics to consider her in their upcoming films.

To all my loyal fans. I would like to broaden my acting horizons and kindly request you to encourage and tweet to @UniversalPics to please consider me in their upcoming film projects.

Whether she is better ‘then’ Prinyanka or not, we cannot be sure. But what we can be sure of is that we all need this kind of confidence in our lives.