This Video Will Prove Why Islamabad Is The Most Beautiful Capital Of The World!


Quite justly known as the City of Peace, Islamabad allows you to escape the rush and tension in your life to enjoy a peaceful and secluded time. Islamabad is not only a home to picturesque natural locations but also preserves cultural heritage ! Its no wonder that Pakistan’s pride gets on the podium for being the 2nd most beautiful city in the world!

The never-ending beauty of Islamabad have attracted many Instagrammers, vloggers as well as Photographers both nationally and internationally who captured the city from their perspective, trying to preserve the charm of the city.


Mustafa Ali Najafi

Amongs these enthusiasts is, Mustafa Ali Najafi or as many of us know him as DSLR walay bhai! The famed youtuber, photographer, videographer and a traveling hobbyist utilized social sites to express his views about his nation in a whole new way! For the past 8 years he has been capturing the beauty of his country, Pakistan and shared it with the world which earned him enough recognition to push him to work harder!

The link to his youtube channel: DSLRWalayBhai
The link to his Instagram profile: @mustafaalinajafi

Recently Mustafa uploaded a hyperlapse made solely using the Dji Mavic 2 Zoom, which focused on the depths of Islamabad. The also inspired many other content creators to make hyperlapses of their respected cities!

Lets look at what he has to say:

“I am associated with professional photography and film-making for the past 8-9 years now. I am currently working with a production house, Make it. Dji launched their new drone with the hyperlapse feature and i had to buy that drone and try it on Islamabad, because I love my city. I also wanted to put Pakistan on the international map because i think this video has the ingredients to go viral internationally.”

The 3 minute video clip has a long story behind it!

“Drone’s limited flight time and Hyperlapse’ time-consuming process made the video a great challenge! Me along with my friends, planned to capture a couple of locations per day and managed to get clips with a duration of a few seconds! There were numerous discussions to decide what locations to shoot and how to go about it, to get the best of Drone shots! After color correcting the clips, the most arduous task of selecting the perfect music came upon my shoulders! After adding ambient sound effects in the beginning of the video, merging small clips together, asking advices from friends and making some final corrections, VOILA … after a course of 3 weeks, the video was ready for upload!”

DSLR walay bhai is not only an amazing content-creator but a fanatic in hopes to be an inspiration to others and push them to do and pursue what they love! As much as his nick-name is cute….. His vlogs will surely bring a smile on your face! Nazreen waste no time and take a look at the masterpiece and share your thoughts in the comment below!

Watch the complete video below!