Its 27th February And Nation Remembers The Fantastic Tea!


27th of February has earned an enormous significance in Pakistan’s history since last year.This day in 2019 started with immense anticipation and insecurity amidst all the war mongering by India.The news of two Indian jets flying and bombing some fictitious terrorist sites in Pakistan caused a lot of alarm in the masses. However in some moments we were exposed to an entirely different situation;Indian warplane Mig 21 was taken down by Pak Air force and its pilot was held in custody, with the news of only a few trees being “dead” by the Indian strike.

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That day, Pakistanis not only got triumphant glory over the enemy but also a subject for ultimate meme frolic.A video of the captured pilot name Abhi Nandan surfaced in which he was seen sipping tea and having a casual chatter with Pak army men. The footage went viral in a jiffy all over the world and of course the memes came gushing in.

Today Pakistan is remembering this historic day and the courage shown by our forces. #27thFebSurpriseDay has become a Twitter trend by now.

People surely have not forgotten the famous cup of tea. 

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It seems like the phrase has become a national pun weapon. 

Lastly another surprise in February for India this year that has ruffled its peace. 

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