Director Jami Names DAWN CEO Hameed Haroon As His Rapist And This Is F***ed Up!!


Director Jami came into the public eye with the series of tweets regarding his rape some 13 years ago. Although he didn’t name the rapist at that time, but left us all with a hint that he was and still is a media tycoon.


But the director has now come forward with the name of his assaulter and its none other than Hameed Haroon; DAWN CEO. In his tweet, he also challenged the media house to publish the news.

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Since the naming of the media giant as his assaulter, many people have voiced their support for the director and commended his bravery.

People are demanding DAWN to give coverage to this news, as they might do in other cases.

It is indeed surprising that despite the allegation being two days old, none of the media groups; TV or newspapers, have broached it. The journalists/anchors, otherwise acting as self-proclaimed flag bearers of human rights, are all pretty silent. It is disturbing to see that most of the media fraternity is trying to curb the matter.

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