Director Jami Reveals How He Was Raped By A Media Giant & It’s Extremely Disturbing!!!


Film director Jami is known for his experimental, creative and soulful projects. His movies Zinda Bhaag and Moor were well received by the critics and reflected his ingenious persona.






Ever since the ME TOO movement has started, Jami aka Jamshed Mehmood have voiced his support for the victims with utmost conviction.

He also boycotted the Lux style Awards when they refused to withdraw a harasser’s name as a nominee in one of the award categories.

Although many thought that Jami is just a bold ally of the whole cause, his shocking revelation yesterday left everyone flabbergasted.

According to the director, he was raped by a media tycoon 13 years ago and that is the cardinal reason why he has been so proactively supporting the #metoo movement.

The director then explained his response and sentiments regarding the incident in a series of tweets. He also stated how despite being physically stronger than the assaulter, he was unable to do anything at that moment.

More tragically the rapist was his close “friend’.

Jami described what unfolded after the incident. His friends mocked him and never took the tragedy seriously.

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He described how he went into therapy and even left the country to get over the ordeal.

He also states that he is unable to name the accused media tycoon as he fears that he would be mocked by his own friends and no one will ever believe him.

He then spoke on behalf of all the survivors of sexual assaults and urged the society to be more empathetic as most of them are indeed telling the truth.

We believe it was stride of sheer bravery taken by Jami by speaking about his ordeal amidst all the toxic masculinity that prevails in our society. We hope that he will find the courage to name that assaulter as well so to see him pay for his actions and justice being served.


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