Jordan: Travel Vlogger Shares Horrifying Story Of How She Was Assaulted In India

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India: Travel Vlogger Trapped and Assaulted in Hotel By Employees

Here’s a fact: India is unsafe for women.

No one – not even an Indian – can deny that. It’s not the fault of the common Indian citizen. But it is a reality that needs to be addressed. Newspaper headlines every day attest to it. This is the story of Jordan, going by the name Travellite on YouTube, who was trapped in her hotel room by employees threatening to harass her.

It seems like something straight out of a horror movie.

Travellight is a popular YouTube travel vlogger, who took a trip to India with her boyfriend Liveo in July, as part of a new collaboration she was excited about. Only a week ago, she even posted a first impressions video of her sojourn in Delhi in which she mentioned how much she liked the culture, religion and country.

But two days ago, Jordan posted another video. The title made it explicitly clear that while her first impression of India might have been great, what followed was horrifying.

In the 18-minute video, titled This Happened In India // Sexual Assault’, the vlogger can be seen visibly shaken, even breaking down at one point, as she tries to narrate her horrifying ordeal of how she was sexually assaulted on the streets of India, even when her boyfriend was right next to her.

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She was followed around on the streets, touched inappropriately and one man even came up close to her face and said: I want to f**k you. This happened in the presence of Livio.

According to their plans, Livio was supposed to fly out on India four days before her. They were worried about the harassment towards her so they tried to make it seem like Livio was still present, sneaking him out of the hotel room in the early hours of the morning.

However, her stalkers found out. And everything changed when she was all alone in India.

She reveals how she was followed up the stairs of her hotel room. Soon, she started getting calls on her hotel room phone. Hotel phones can only be called from the reception phone, hence proving that the people stalking her were hotel employees.

They came up to her room and kept knocking, claiming that they are workers and need to check if the AC is working or not. They cut off her WiFi and she did not own a sim to call the police. With no contact to the outside world, she was trapped in her room for two days with no food or water before she managed to escape at 3 AM on the third day when she noticed that they weren’t standing outside her door.

The entire video can be watched here:

The video was shared by Reddit India and started to catch attention:

Jordan shared the video in hopes that it will benefit other females travelling alone.

We hope the Indian authorities who are normally so complacent about assault cases will take action to protect female travellers in India.

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