Killer Of Wajahat Hassan Khalil Finally Arrested -Justice For Wajahat

Justice for Wajahat

Win For Social Media As Close Friend Identified As Killer of Wajahat Hassan

A 23-year-old boy, named Wajahat Hassan Khalil, from Lahore was kidnapped on the 4th day of Eid Ul Adha and was brutally killed. His body was found at Niazi Bus Station Lahore in a suitcase. The cause of the brutal murder remained unknown until now.

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Lahore Police on Wednesday solved the mystery surrounding the murder. The killer has been identified as Dr. Hanan, a close friend of the deceased.

According to the police, Dr. Hanan called Wajahat to his flat on the fourth day of the Eid and made the latter drink the intoxicating liquid. As Wajahat lost conscious, Hanan killed him with a sharp weapon.

Police further stated culprit changed his countenance to deceive the investigative agency. The bike of Wajahat was also recovered from culprit’s room.

Police are still investigating the crime and there have been no details reported.

Earlier, the heartbreaking news causes a storm on social media, with everyone demanding a police investigation and justice. Twitter users used the hashtag #justiceforwajahat to bring attention to the case.

A police team rushed to the place soon after a passerby spotted the suspected suitcase lying abandoned near the bus stand and altered the police. As the police opened the red-color suitcase, they discovered the blood-soaked body of a young man stuffed in the bag.

The story will be updated as we receive more information.