Katrina Kaif Steams Up The Screens With Her New Item Song!


Honestly, what would Bollywood be without its sultry item songs? A bleak, grim industry, that’s for sure. But Katrina Kaif surely keeps the entertainment alive by delivering bangers, one after the other.

The reigning queen of item songs is back once again with a sizzling number in the upcoming Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Zero. Titled Husn Parcham, the song shows Kaif as the dazzling Babita Kumari, breaking out on the dance floor.

The song opens up with something that looks like Bauua Singh engaged in a Haldi ceremony, surrounded by a loud crowd of women. He is soon informed about Babita Kumari performing in the area, which excites the pint-sized character and he decides to go see her moves instead of going on with the ceremony.

The video then shows a montage of Kaif donned in alluring outfits, dancing her heart out. Her different avatars include her grimy-yet-sexy look in a tub, a striking red dress, and a curly haired look which stands out the most. She ends up looking every bit of steamy she is, and makes sure everyone’s glances are fixated on the screen.

Shah Rukh Khan himself thinks she is a vision, looking “soooo hot”. The superstar tweeted about the song, praising her steamy moves and presence.

Bhoomi Trivedi’s unique vocals add life to the song, and rest assured, the catchy chorus will stuck in your head for days to come. For now, the film is remains highly-anticipated, and will hopefully prove to be a delightful treat for Khan, Kaif, and Anushka Sharma’s fans. It is slated to release on December 21.

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