This Girl Speaks Up About The Ridiculous ‘Khana Peena Tradition’ At Funerals & She Is So Right!


Death – A price life has to pay.

The pain is intolerable when you lose your dear one and then if you talk someone dying from within your own family is truly traumatizing. In such scenarios, it is a common courtesy, people coming out of their own busy lives to pay their condolences and hand over their support in such sad times.

One always need a shoulder to cry on while burying their flesh and blood but times have changed in Pakistan.

Today, Funerals in Pakistan have become an extravagant show to display on for the audience; who really don’t come to pay their condolences or show their emotional support but are more concerned of what’s to be served to them at lunch/dinner timings.

In such desperate times when you are losing your sanity over your dearly departed one, Pakistanis, who out of every corner come out of their hibernation, kind of lose their sanity over the fact that “Khaana Peena Kab shuru hoga”.

Yes… Sadly True!

One lady shared how this Khaana Peena Tradition played out at her fathers funeral:

Such an absurd request to make at a time like this. Where has humanity run off to from Pakistan? Have we no shame of putting our hunger before someone’s Funeral?

Here is how people shared their views on the Khaana Peena Tradition:

So, people are fighting over chicken legs? Woah!

Leg piece.. Now Achaar? Whats next?

Hamara koi naa poochay… Ham ultaa auron ka poochain?

Ji ji..Obviously… Funerals in Pakistan are like a buffet for everyone! Daltay jaao khaatay jao

Thandaa kardena chahye aisay logon ko.

And the sad sad sad list of people explaining how traditional and customary it has become of hungry people latching onto botis, cold drinks and what not goes on on this thread.

This indeed has to stop… We need to stop asking for more and serving them with a tray full of food or else this tradition will keep on passing by forever.