Dua Mangi Kidnapped From DHA Karachi & Our Mard Hazraat Are Losing Minds Over Something Else!


For women living in Pakistan, safety and security have always been a concern. Crimes against females including rape and abduction have been on a rise for many years. Recently an abduction case has made rounds on social media.

A girl named Dua Nisar Mangi was kidnapped at gunpoint by four armed men from a famous Dhaba ‘Chai Master’ in Karachi,  DHA Bukhari Commercial Area on Saturday night, while her male friend named Haris, who accompanied her was shot at the incident.

The news of the incident spread like wildfire and the family of the victim took to various social media platforms, pleading for help.

The incident incited shock and horror amongst people.

However, more shocking than the incident was the mindset of some people who shamed the victim and blamed her for “inviting” this calamity upon herself.

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Of course, people were quick to retaliate against this cruelty.

This sickly mindset of victim-blaming is shameful and downright unfair. Often the society points the finger at the victim’s lifestyle and beliefs and burdens them with the weight of luring the crime onto themselves. These views show that there is much more wrong with society than just these criminals on the lose. It is this flawed mental makeup that needs to be cured first.

We pray for the speedy recovery of Dua from this turmoil and Haris’s better health.


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