Live Pigeons Are Being Caged As Part Of Wedding Decor & Really How Far Will The Pakistani Elites Go?


Wedding in Pakistan is like spending your last dime to please the audience and the world around you. There is nothing that you don’t get to see from fancy dresses, loads of expensive décor, heavy makeup, preparing outstanding props to infuse with the wedding theme… and the best part is there isn’t even 1 but 3 4 events that keep happening one day after the other.

But what glitters is not all gold at times, recently there is a new trend among the Pakistani Elite who think caging live pigeons make a wonderful addition to a wedding décor.

Guess every elite Pakistani bride wanting caged pigeons as a part of their wedding décor is soon going to be a trend.

Can’t blame them, brides are the most messed up person in their own wedding… Can’t beat the stress out of that lady.

Who is even responsible for carrying out caged live pigeons as part of a wedding décor?

Ihsan is the man behind this odd-looking decor and couldn’t think creative enough by handing down pigeons into a cage and presenting it to the bride as a part of the wedding décor. *SLOW CLAPS*

Caged pigeons as a wedding décor were originated from the event planner’s Instagram Story:

And then the famous photographer Irfan Ahson posted.

Wow! So you can’t get enough of these cuties while they suffer in a cage..

This is how Pakistanis think of Pakistani Elite weddings and the idea of caging live pigeons as a part of wedding décor:

The Pakistani Elite would probably kick you out of the wedding too.

Indeed… Not at all

If such beautiful moments like these were to exist, who knows we might have been living a better life.

To flaunt? Showing off!

They need counselling and therapy rather than this wedding.

This world needs people like you!

While Pakistanis are infuriated, here is what Ihsan had to say about his so-called “Props” for the wedding decor:

What are your thoughts over this? How would you bring a change into your wedding!