Mahira Khan Is Adnan Siddiqui’s ‘Nanhi Pari’ In Latest TVC & People Are Like Yeh Kya Mazak Hai?


Some commercials really leave an awkward mark for the rest of our lives. It is mainly due to the reason that those commercials have the most bizarre ideas and peculiar casting that makes the ad altogether a very unfitting commercial to even be played on the television screen.

Commercials are like seasons, they come and they go. While some tv commercials inscribe new ideas with the passage of time, others tend to build a motto out of their very old & popular ones and keep on the tradition by passing the same ideas with new cast, platform to display that they surely have been keeping up with the same standard as they once were.

Molty Foams and their “Nanhi Pari” commercial has been nationwide popular from a very long time.

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What catches our attention this time is that although they may have kept that essence and theme still yet alive but the casting crew was very very much questionable.

As we can see that Mahira Khan is casted as “Nanhi Pari”.. Had it been Mahira alone, well in today’s time where women empowerment is on a rise, this wouldn’t have been bothered as not only the girl has looks but some nanhi swag also.

What people aren’t really accepting is that Mahira Khan is Adnan Siddiqui’s Nanhi Pari… Like WHAAAAAATTTT???????


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Molty Foam needs to concentrate on human age difference rather than their quality of foam. Like how is this even acceptable?

Who in the right mind would cast Adnan Siddiqui as Mahira’s father? Both are of the same age more or less.

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Pakistanis had a really hard time wrapping their heads around this commercial.





Molty Foam what were you even thinking…


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