Mahira Khan Shared How She Became Bahadur & People Are Like ‘Yaar Kuch Bhi?’


Shirmeen Obaid is about to present us some more of her creative work. This time it’s 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors.

The movie features the invasion of supernatural beings on Earth. The three main leads of 3 Bahadur Saadi, Amna and Kamil befriend a female superhero Erma, who belongs to another planet.

Thanks to Chinoy for bringing a female superhero to the front. Hopefully, this will help to change the patriarchal mindset of our society.

While all the kids are really excited about the movie to be released on 14th of December, Mahira Khan is promoting it too, in a different manner.

She is telling her own story of how she became bahadur in her own childhood. However, the story didn’t make any sense to us. Shayad bachon ko samajh agayi ho lekin hamein toh na sir mila na pair.

Apparently, she used to play some game called ‘duck duck goose’. Ham ne toh kokla chapaki khela hua hai Mahira. Yeh konsa game tha? Probably we weren’t that angraiz?

Her friends used to call her a Goose in that game that disturbed her. So one day she told them don’t ever do that again and ended up turning into a bahadur!


This is how people are trolling her on this.

Yar story sunai hai bas over acting kahan se hogayi?


Stop it people!!! Lol

Uski India mein chalti hain films.

True. This didn’t make any sense.