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Mahira Khan’s Unedited Photoshoot For Zara Shahjahan Will Make You Gasp!


The epitome of beauty and grace, Mahira Khan, is always in the spotlight for all the right reasons. Recently bagging the fourth spot on 2018’s Sexiest Asian Women list, the starlet is representing Pakistan globally in a very positive light. Along with her exceptional acting talents, her beauty is loved and admired all over. She does not photoshop or extra editing to make her look that flawless, and her latest photoshoot proves it.

The near-end of this year brought a remarkable collaboration by the hands of fashion powerhouse Zara Shahjahan, with Mahira Khan. Calling her a woman of substance, the brand chose her to represent their latest line of formal wear. The photoshoot demonstrated the star in majestic outfits, and her irresistible allure just added to the aesthetic.

What makes this photoshoot stand out is the fact the there was no photoshop or editing involved.

According to Zara Shahjahan’s reps, Khan asked them not to photoshop the images. Therefore, the photos were posted in their original condition.

Mahira asked us not to photoshop her images at all and we totally agree with her on this. Her pictures have not been altered at all and have been used exactly as they were.”

And the results were phenomenal!

Khan looks just as beautiful, if not more. 

The fashion & beauty industry has always been forward in perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards for women, be it fairness of the complexion, or encouraging super skinny silhouettes. So, this initiative seems like a breath of fresh air.  

People are loving the step, and are leaving heartfelt comments for the star and the brand.

Most feel that the beauty does not need any kind of editing.

However, some do feel the need to point out the obvious. 

And apparently, some are not buying it…

Photoshop or not, Khan surely does know how to stand out based on just her poise and grandeur. And we are loving it.

How do you feel about Mahira’s unedited look? Let us know in the comments.