Pakistanis Are Hating Malala For Celebrating Diwali With Her Friends At Oxford


Being a renowned activist for your nation not only invites warm hugs and a round of applause but also it brings forth hatred, questions and suspicions.  Malala is in the exact same shoes as described above but it all comes down to how the renowned person carries the weight, will one be affected and change the course of the path or choose to continue striding on the journey of self-ignorance and be lost in the dreams of being remembered always in good words.

Oh, Malala Malala Malala… Guess the shots are being fired at you again for your insensitivity.

I wonder when will you learn, people … your own nation is never going to leave you to rest till you start marking yourself per your words and vision. Malala since her “debut/ entrance” at Oxford University has left the Nobel Prize winner to do all sorts of things that are putting Malala’s faith in question.

What has Malala done this time, you ask?

Malala is seen to be celebrating Diwali with her Friends at Oxford University.

From her pictures, Malala sure knows how to dress up and pose for the camera (Well why not, it’s like an everyday thing for her now).

From studded Jhumkas, a heavy embellished white dress and in soft baby pink dupatta with colourful patterns spilt all over resembling the festivity of Diwali… Malala seems to be having a really great time.

After these images were released, how did the nation react to this?

It would be a lie if people were cheering for her, being a Muslim… People are grilling Malala and here is what people have to say to her:

This is called bittersweet personality!

So, Malala has been symbolized as a shame for Pakistan?

Seems like you have already figured out a title for your book on Malala!!!

Don’t fall on every word!

There are lots of similar comments on how she is a Dramay Baaz!


After reading these, we come to conclusion, people really really hate her. What do u think of her?

Does it justify that despite studying in Oxford and living on foreign soil, should Malala be celebrating Diwali? Comment down below and lets us know.