People Are Curious About Malala’s Grades In Oxford & We Did Some Investigation


It takes a snap of a finger to change your life’s destiny. We may be on a plane to another country, dancing to whatever the music is playing to, hugging an enemy, stuffing our mouth with something we never expected to (daanay daanay peh likha hai khanay walay ka naam) or may be good as dead. This all depends upon fate and destiny. What is written in the stars is bound to happen with us?

Talk about life alone, you can’t stop thinking about death which is hooked onto it like an evil twin. While death is uninvited and comes once, some people get to relive again and oh boy are they glad to.

Malala (Pakistani educational advocate and Nobel Peace Prize winner) is one of the many people you would see who had the chance of reliving her life after being shot by a Taliban in 2012. To no surprise, not only she passed out a speech in the United Nations but is also the owner of her own Biographic book by the name of “I am Malala”.

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With such fame, one begins to own some suspicions where all of this is even coming from. The shifting to America, being a resident in America, winning Nobel Peace Prize etc. All such doubts are a real question mark to where Malala even stands; with her nation or America? Pakistanis can’t stop putting down an end to their doubts because agar Pakistan kay maslay Pakistan main reh kar nai bol sakti toh America ee Mubarak, how about stop talking about Pakistan and being an advocate to us Pakistanis.

Baat toh is qoum ki bhe theak.

With one bullet, Malala has risen to fame and glory and is now currently enrolled in Oxford University. Wait… Is that even possible for her? Well it is.


Her current enrollment has been raising questions again from the moment she stepped foot on that University land and is still questioned till up-to-date. We have been catching Malala not only on her friends vlogging channel but also watching her non-stop interviews on her daily life updates in University. It is our right to be a tiny bit curious of her getting all the attention, har koi university jata hai… sab interview daina start kardien rozana kia horha hai? Doesn’t make sense at all.

To an inspiration to some and a disgrace to many more, what gets us thinking is how the lady got admitted in Oxford University in the first place. Well apparently the girl was interviewed by a man who although may be the brightest of all but wasn’t so bright when he had to swore himself to secrecy to not reveal a single thing of his interview with Malala for admission. So Ah –Hah… First step of her bright-full days was accomplished by a man sworn to secrecy. UP THEORY

Oxford University runs on the same pattern like any other University does “internationally”. It holds many seats from students who have won scholarships, there are also government backed candidates that would like to place them in the University, the University also hold accounts for seats that are reserved for Monarchs of many various countries and lastly to those children who are the borne fruit of Presidents and Prime Ministers.

So Malala may be among those candidates who was backed by a Government? Oh, now this is coming to formation. Since she is no borne fruit of a Prime Minister/President or holds any scholarship, she can only be backed up by a Government or because she won Peace Nobel Prize. These two are the only reasons to which Oxford welcomed her open arms.

Why to reserve seats for influential people? Well a University has to make itself reputable and well known among the world. What better way to take place than to invite all those children that would help build them their “NAME”. These candidates and students are the one who will be known for their OXFORD Degree after graduating and the only way to ignite the fame is welcoming them onboard in the University.

Malala is known to be the perfect example for giving Oxford University the fame they desire. Not only Malala is an influential person global wide but also to take heed of her advocacy and her activist activities that had been started from the age of 12, how could Oxford lose such a gem?

Bravo Oxford Bravo! So it wasn’t on merit but it was in the name of recognition?

So let’s say or might as well assume that even she getting the admission was on “merit”, what about her ongoing grades in Oxford? Anyone thought of how she is actually doing?


While Oxford is all about the name, the struggle of completing your education in that university is no joke. It has one of the toughest and high-pressure environment that totally eats you up. From being a smart kid in your local school, you would find yourself to be just meh there. You start questioning your ability and knowledge because the competition is really high. Not only expectations are floating high but in addition to that you are given the workload that takes up an eternity of your life. This is just a rough sketch to what Oxford University is like.


What about Malala’s grades there with all that pressure upon her? It makes us question the authenticity of her commitment to her studies because of her appearances in her friends vlogging channel/ vacationing etc. How the girl is even coping…?

Well Grades aren’t in existence till yet for Malala since she is still in her Practice exams and Premilinary Exams. We will still have to watch her if she “Drops out” till next year which means that she couldn’t handle the pressure, it is known as a fact that the suicidal rate in Oxford University is pretty much high (Watch out Malala). Talk about living your life for the second time, you are facing death all over again. Malala’s Grim Reaper are her tutors who know of her academic updates and performance until woh khud bhaag bhaag kar  sab ko bata nah rahee ho that how she is doing in University(since we already know she has a knack of telling people how her life is all the time). Her assessment may be tough but we need an insider to tell us how well she is doing with her grades if Malala opts to take summer to retake… Voila… You would know that she is FLUNKING badly. We could’ve just easily asked Malala’s parents to answer us about her grades but sadly even they are left out in the blues because they aren’t allowed to be shown any detailed information of their daughter’s academic performance without Malala signing off the consent.

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