Mark Wiens Taps The Untouched Places Of Islamabad & It Will Make You Fall In Love With The City


Whenever we think about flavorful, rich and insanely delicious Desi food in Pakistan ALOT of options come straight to our minds! From ‘Butt ki Karhayi’ in Lahore to ‘Burns Road ke Kebab’ in Karachi, our mouths begin to water at the thought of these amazing dishes!

But hey! What about Islamabad? The city is known for its beautiful parks, calm evenings and breath-taking cultural heritages but our Capital isn’t far behind in the food race either!

Mark Wiens, a famous Youtuber, Traveller, and Foodie taps the untouched restaurants of Islamabad that you CANNOT miss the next time you’re visiting!

First stop is Majeed Huts, University Road, Islamabad 

Famous for its ‘Crisis Omelette‘, This place has been feeding hundreds of students and others for generations now! From tantalizing your taste buds with their ‘Chicken Laziza‘, ‘Qeema‘, ‘Lobia‘ and ‘Daal’, they are the reason why students (and professors) are late to their 8 am lectures enjoying every bite of their hearty breakfasts!

The Crisis omelet holds a special story! It started as a go-to meal for every student reaching the dhaba after it had ended its serving time. It was literally created under crisis scenarios, hence the name. It’s the days’ leftovers wrapped up in an omelet ready to be savored by a hungry student!

Next stop is for Islamabad’s famous Afghani Kebabs!

With an experience of more than 30 years of making Kebabs, this place serves aromatic and succulent kebabs covered in a thick layer of fat to retain all its juiciness! With a sideline of freshly made naan and a spicy chutney, these kebabs can keep you so hooked, you’ll never want to stop!

Last but not least, who can go to Islamabad and NOT visit Monal even if it’s for the Hundredth time?!

From its chilly weather to the oh-so-beautiful view and amazing food, Monal is a place which gives you an all-rounder experience and lots and lots of beautifully aesthetic pictures!

Shoutout to Mark Wiens for an insight of the lesser known specialties of the city! Look around guys, there’s definitely much more to find in this gem-of-a-city of ours!