Meera Jee Praised Imran Khan In Her Latest Video & That Too In ‘ENGLISH’


The Pakistani legend, Meera Jee steals our hearts with every public appearance that she makes.

From her incredible acting skills to her amazing English, she is an entire package of entertainment all on her own.

With never-ending conspiracies about her marriage and unlimited jokes on her English speaking skills, Meera still comes back stronger!

She supports PTI and Imran Khan for a long time and we’ve seen her encourage their work many times.

Recently Meera posted a video on her Instagram praising Imran Khan for his work in the health sector and encouraged everyone to send in their donations.

The video, however, was in English and we must say Meera Jee has improved quite alot!

Kyaa Baat Hai!

This makes us wonder if she is actually taking English classes now?

Ab koi naya joke sochna hoga bhaiyoun! Meera ne English seekh li!

Here’s what the public had to say about her video.

Some, however still trolled her!

What do you think about Meera Jee’s video message?