Minister Ali Zaidi’s Attempt Of Proving Himself ‘AWAAMI’ Backfired Terribly


It is common that while climbing the stairs to success in the political arena, you always have to gain the sympathy of those who are in dire need of your help.

In this scenario, not only you need to take out time and actually listen to the people who will cast you a vote but also you need to snap a few images here and there and post it everywhere for the people to see who are already unaware/unbothered by your “kind gesture”.

In all fame and glory, not only do you post these images as part of your “campaign” but ask others to do you a favour and help you out with your “mission”. This is what PTI Government’s famous austerity drive is all about apparently.

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Something interestingly happened in the same pattern recently when Azhar Laghari (Head of Public Relations PTI, Member CC & CEC ) posted pictures of newly appointed Minister (Ports & Shipping) Ali Zaidi on Twitter.

Since the post was tweeted, Minister Ali Zaidi also quickly retweeted his pictures.

By taking a look of his pictures, we can easily identify two army guards far off to a corner while he poses with his Harley Davidsons bike (which is an extreme pleasure to ride).

It may be to some nothing but a common tweet of Ali Zaidi’s attempt of proving himself the Awaami kind seriously backfired on him “TERRIBLY”.

After the images were uploaded not only on Twitter but Facebook too, people came in questioning the man’s ethics.

See, we knew it, something was fishy. It’s all PART OF A CAMPAIGN.

People supported Zia’s tweet and not only they came commenting on his post but bashed Ali Zaidi and Azhar as well of how his attempt of publicity cost him BIG TIME.

Working for the poor but riding a millionaire bike? Woah!

Phir NAYA PAKISTAN jahan ho wahan itna toh banta hai Boss!

We like how the word filmi made this whole tweet more relatable.

So, riding a bike to disguise himself? That’s impressive.

Kya nazar hai bhai! 

HAHAHA! this reply made our day.

Phupho kay betay, khushboo laga kay.


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