This Minister Has Called Out Doctors & Engineers As “Pakoray Bechnay Walay” & Twitterati Are Going Berserk!


PTI Ministers and parliamentarians are known for their controversial statements ever since the government came into power.

For instance, Firdous Apa recently made a statement on earthquake followed by a huge backlash.

Shaukat Yousafzai, the PTI minister for Information in KPK, went viral a few months back after he was turned into a cat during the live streaming of his press conference.

Recently, Shaukat Sahab once again attracted the attention when he passed some crude remarks on engineers and doctors during his press conference.

Engineers toh theek hai but doctors..?

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According to him most engineers and doctors before PTI’s Government used to sell pakoras and claimed that it’s their government who has hired them on some respectable positions.

After the video went viral, the Twitterati has lost it. People are calling out and protesting on such rude remarks by the minister.  Since then #saysorrytoengineers has been the trending in Pakistan while doctors are giving the minister a shut-up call in a unique way.

Some pointed out that it was perhaps the government’s failed policies that have caused unemployment and lesser opportunities for Engineers in the job market.

A few mocked the corrupt politicians saying “Pakoray bechna” a better job than “mulk” and “zameer bechna”


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All things considered, the Minister’s remarks were pretty impolite and have hurt the public sentiments and we expect some maturity in the future.