This Molana Was Caught Brutally Beating Students With Pipe & You’d Want To Kill Him!


Just four days back, the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) warned the teachers of government schools and colleges of Islamabad against physically punishing the students. But nobody touches the madrassas. Why?

Recently, a video went viral on the social media in which a so-called molana was caught beating his students. That too with a plastic pipe! Inhumane. Isn’t it?

This madrassah is located in Sarhandi Noorani Masjid Masoom Shah Colony, Hyderabad. While the molvi was beating students with pipes, the video maker reprimanded him. To what he says, he can even kill the kids and no one will ask him.

Well, not his fault. This is what has become sort of a ritual in Pakistan. Nobody questions Madrassahs. Nobody questions molvis even if they kill the children with their torture. Kyun? Gunah hoga! Molvis in our society are considered to be the untouchables. Unki izzat farz hai. No matter what. Children can’t question. Parents can’t question. IRONY!

Here is the complete video.

We literally want to kill him for this!


Social media erupted in anger and reacted to the video.

People are appreciating the person who made the video.

Others asking the government to take notice.

That is where the whole problem lies!