One Month Of Ko Ko Korina : Momina Mustahsen Sings Another Ko Ko Korina As ‘Tohfa’ For Her Fans


Is larki ne hamein deaf karnay ki kasam kha li hai!

Yes, we are talking about none other than Momina Mustahsen and her ko ko korina.

Coke Studio’s Season 11 did not resonate well with the fans. Social media blew up every time a new episode was released. However, Ahad and Momina’s ko ko korina was a special case. This was the first ever song in the history of coke studio that had more youtube dislikes than likes. WOW!

Ahad Raza Mir’s singing talent didn’t impress his fans at all. And Momina… looks like she lost a huge chunk of her fans.

Laykin! Badnaam hongay toh kya naam na hoga? Ko ko korina still bagged 4 Million plus views and almost every Pakistani had to say something about it, be it in the form of memes.

Even after all the criticism, Momina didn’t sit back quietly. She came up with another Ko ko korina. This time replacing Ahad with Leo Twins. She said it is a tohfa for all the trolls.

Bohat guts hain yaaar!


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Aik maheena of trolling ki khushi mai, iak aur tohfa 🌹 😏😉😂 with love, M. ♥️ #KoKoKorina #LeoTwins

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The reactions of the audience are pretty similar to the first ko ko korina.



Bohat chalak hai Momina!



Teesri baar sun kay bhi farigh he lagna hai apko.



Yaaar! Bas karo.




Leo Twins! Bachao khud ko



Haha! Aalim Khadim Rizvi kay baad Aalima Momina





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