Munib Nawaz talks about importance of Entrepreneurship at Daftarkhwan


Munib Nawaz, designer, RJ, and entrepreneur, was interviewed at the Fireside Chat Session held at Daftarkhwan

Daftarkhwan is a coworking space & a hub for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and professionals driven towards innovating, sharing and growing together.

Speaking about his own inspirational story, he spoke about his time at CBM University. He said he did not have enough money to pay for his education. His friends sponsored his university education in return for clothes which he stitched for them. He launched his brand while he was still a student.

He talked about the 4Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Speaking about the product, he says that entrepreneurs today have started focusing more on the marketing of their products rather than the actual product itself.

The product should be bigger than you as an individual, because your product is what’s going to be left behind after you die, he said.

Munib emphasized again and again on the importance of the product and putting your heart into designing it.

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He talked about the importance of building systems and collaborations in order to succeed in a business. He also spoke about the power of writing down missions and goals for your business.

The people who figure out systems are the ones who make legacies, – he said.

There is one Mark Zuckerberg, one Steve Jobs, and one Richard Branson who founded 337 companies, all of which are owned by different people.

Munib also pointed out the need to inculcate in people what a company needs to achieve.

You need to dissolve yourself in an ambition or goal that you believe can be bigger than you.

It’s amazing that young entrepreneurs like Munib are openly sharing their entrepreneurial experience and plans. Pakistan needs it badly.

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