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Najam Sethi & His ‘Chirya’ Is Back But With The Most Cringe Worthy Promo Ever!


Najam Sethi is known to be a man of words, his perspectives have landed him a special score in the field of journalism. With an adequate amount of knowledge, he is all set for his upcoming talk show.

Najam Sethi and his little birdie are coming to town folks. BE PREPARED!!! This is how he broke the news on Twitter.

Err… As excited we are for his arrival, what did we just see?

Reaction GIF: confused, Nicolas Cage

4 hunters on a hunting mission who seem to be representing our political parties one by one.

Are we watching a talk-show on politics or National Geographic?

There is also a black dog that seems to be sniffing the ground. Does this indicate doggy politics that runs by the land and along with each political party?

So many questions… and even if this wasn’t enough… everyone is aiming for that little birdie who is soaring in the air and every hunter is after it… LIKE WHAAAAAAT? Thought those big guns were for a bigger aim.

Nevertheless, despite the video being cringe-worthy, some people are eager for Najam to start his talk show while others expressed their thoughts over his promo video:

We hope that your talk show will be an absolute delight despite of what you shared as a promo video.