Naseeruddin Shah Calls Virat Kohli ‘Worst Behaved Player’ & Indians Are Furious!


Indians have always been very aggressive about their National cricket team.. and to hear anything against their legendary players is never welcomed by them.

Virat Kohli is a star in India! He’s not only the best player but also a celebrity. He is loved even more by the Indians after marriage with celebrity, Anushka Sharma!

And they definitely won’t hear anything against him!

Naseeruddin Shah wrote regarding Virat Kohli on his Facebook and Indians are furious!

This is what he wrote :

While Shah was very stern in his statement about the celebrity player, the public did not accept his point of view.

This is how the Indians reacted to it:

Some even supported Naseeruddin Shah on his stance and claimed that success had gotten over the player’s head.

Due to a heated argument between Indian captain, Virat Kohli and Australian Captain Tim Paine, there was a little on-field disturbance and the umpire had to intervene.

Slamming the player on his behavior, Shah stated in his post that he had no intention of leaving the country because earlier in a promotional video Virat Kohli told a fan that he could go live somewhere else if he liked foreign batsmen better.

Apart from his behaviour, Virat is an outstanding all-rounder and captain of the team and has done wonders for India in the sport.

Naseeruddin Shah, on the other hand is very socially active and we see him raising his voice on many important issues.

Who’s side are you on here?