Nasir Khan Jan Responds To The Rude Samaa TV Host!


Nasir Khan Jan, the social media star is known for making people laugh doing all the crazy things. He was invited as a guest in a show named ‘Naya Din’ airs on Samaa TV earlier this week.

The interview turned into a live war of words when the show’s host Shoaib poured out his personal hatred and showered it on Nasir Khan Jan. Clearly, Muhammad Shoaib and Kiran, the show hosts had no respect for their guest and it seemed like a deliberate attempt to insult and ridicule Nasir Khan Jan. Probably for the ratings or whatever reason.

After the show aired, a huge backlash on social media was seen. Everyone criticized the hosts for being so pathetic with their guest. People appreciated Nasir Khan Jan for controlling his temperament.

Not just this, people started signing a petition in support of Nasir Khan Jan condemning the behavior of the hosts.

While social media strongly stood with Nasir Khan Jan, Jan has recently posted a video clarifying his feelings towards the interview and the whole controversy.

Whether you like him or not, you cannot disagree with the fact that the way Nasir Khan Jan kept his calm and didn’t react to the questions as any other celebrity would have, deserves a huge appreciation.

More power to you boy!