Nasir Khan Jan’s Newly Learned Photoshop Skills Is A Whole New BallGame!


Nasir Khan Jan is a crafted social media star who amuses the audience with his wacky yet original content. His humor,  though sometimes awkward, leaves his audience into utter hilarity. On the basis of this Nasir has earned a huge fan following and stood against social stereotypes in his own capacity.

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Now the “on-net” star has left us all impressed with his Photoshop skills.

Nasir dropped snaps with famous celebrities and politicians and looks like he is having the time of his life.

Jan with late princess Diana. Aren’t we all envious?

Three years ago he had a meeting with the crowned as a most influential celebrity: Kylie Jenner while her husband Kayne West was also present.

Also, the #NasirMeriJan promo code will get you a 98% discount from Kylie Cosmetics. *dead*

Related image

Salman and Nasir having a bro time at a beach!!

Curious about Nasir’s love interest?

Here is a picture of him with his “girlfriend”

Oh and he is a “havard” i.e. Harvard graduate. Shocks!!

Lunch with CEO Facebook. 

He also takes a dig at former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a subtle manner.

Of course, people can’t hold back the trolling on these comical pictures.


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